Blessings of life

It was home time at school. As child, we used to gather local children and walked to primary school in groups in the morning. On the way home, we travelled in smaller groups; basically whomever available to tag together, making sure that no body was left behind. We learned to look out for one another... Continue Reading →

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Bulk cooking is back on line.

My life has returned from a hectic to a normal. That just means that I now have a time to think about what my body requires, and I now have the energy to cook my own food again. As much as it was a privilege to eat prepared meals at a company canteen, you are... Continue Reading →


I recently moved to a location about 2 hours away from where I lived. The move occurred due to a well anticipated job change, and so I thought I planned everything ahead and things should line up nicely. Well, doesn't Universe go out of its way to make sure things don't go according to plan,... Continue Reading →

Planting trees

I have just returned from a tree planting event yesterday. It started from 8am in the morning, some of us arrived on time and others eventually showed up around mid day. We would have planted 3000 seedlings or what not by 1pm. Great turn out, probably about 100 people all together. Land rover owners group... Continue Reading →

Tasmanian devil

Well, so, I found a rat. ( It is not a rat, it is a sculpture of a Tasmanian devil.) It caught me off guard. I found this on a bench at Hobart airport, and I barely resisted my temptation to take a selfie with it- I don't need to reveal my 4 legged craze... Continue Reading →

Growing plants

I delivered 4 pots of plants to a friend last week, and 7 more today. She has some land and she knows a bit about trees and conservation, so she would be a perfect person to trust these little plants with. Oak acorns that were found germinating in a fridge, lemon seeds, persimmon seeds, and... Continue Reading →

Having worked in a coordinator's role at a reasonably large company, I saw some human drama. I am one of those people who grew up learning to always look after others before the self: if you want to be in a leadership position of some kind, you should be the strongest of the team, hence... Continue Reading →


I drove home after a rain. Road was saturated. There is many wildlife in this area and we need to drive slowly once the temperature dropped after the rain. I usually drive at 50km/hour on a road marked to 80km speed limit. You can avoid Kangaroos and Wombat at that speed. Frogs have been my... Continue Reading →


Billy Joel might be right. Honesty probably is a lonely word. But its also a interesting measure of things in life. I once worked at a local takeaway business. It was in a wealthy area, though who worked in the area to support the wealthy families were not the wealthiest people. So we received the... Continue Reading →

Horse racing and I go back a long way. I come from a place horse racing was a things to stay away from at all cost. The image around horses racing, if you were to picture this, were all grey and dark, and nothing but desperate men walking from the train station to the race... Continue Reading →

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