Something about imperfection

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There is a kind of beauty in imperfection. – Conrad Hall

I originate from the country where the word Wabi-Sabi comes from. I long understood the word as something that described the humble beauty; wooden materials that has aged, a ceramic bowl that does not have the thousand colours, and the breeze that comes through a bamboo bush.

Somebody has recently taught me another way to describe Wabi-Sabi. “Appreciating the imperfection,” she said. I liked that. Those odd plates that is gathered in cupboard after many years. Walking down a street with houses that do not look all identical and faultless. Wearing well worn clothes that are clean and well cared for.

I realise that this short conversation with my friend has added a depth to my understanding of the words. Before, I was able to recognise the beauty in the moment. Now I am able to notice the time behind the moment, and the stories that comes with it. And I am liking that a lot.

The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express. – Francis Bacon

Do you have another way to describe what Wabi-Sabi is?

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