Let’s go to a local farmers market.


I like buying my food from the local farmer’s market. I like the idea of buying things from the people who grow them. I like the idea that we know where our money is going. I like the idea that the growers are physically selling the food to live humans.

This is my small protest against the culture that too many of us ( including me until recent time) seem to have become trained to automatically head to the super markets owned by larger corporations.

This is also my realisation that I actually enjoy cooking when I have a range of food I bought with purpose.

Not all food sold at the farmers market are grown organically. Some are certified organic.Some promises that they are grown chemical free. Whatever it is, we are buying food from human-beings. If there is chemical in your food, you know who put it there. If  you put chemical in the food you grow, you know who is going to eat that.

Let peaceful activism be a normal part of your daily life. Take conscious actions. Do one thing you can do for a better future today.

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