What is Reiki (1) – basic information

This is the first of the series of Reiki posts. The purpose of this is to share some information about Reiki.

The word reiki has become somewhat known term in many countries in recent years. And I think it might be useful to write a little about what Reiki is.

Reiki is a Japanese word, structured with 2 Chinese characters. What it translates is, the “Universal Life Force Energy”, and Reiki also refers to the healing practice itself; the system of Reiki.

In the recent years, the word Reiki is widely used as a representation of many other energy healing practices. But what I am referring to here is the Usui system of Reiki. This is the teaching which originate from Mikao Usui. To me, Reiki is a system of healing techniques, which result from avid spiritual practices.

When I refer to spiritual practice, I am talking about spirituality before religions. Reiki, to my understanding, is something that does not come into conflict with any religious practices. And it is also important to note that practitioners of Reiki does not introduce ourselves as the healers. We do not heal you, though the experience of which might help. And the understanding is that we as practitioners are merely a channel or the medium who create an environment; in which environment, you learn to heal yourself.

The Usui system of Reiki is well documented. There are Japanese lineages, which are unbroken lines from Mikao Usui, And there is Western Reiki, which is much known as Reiki around the world. A part of Western Reiki practice has merged with New Age practice somewhere along the way. And I will write a little more about this somewhere in the series.

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