Stand with your values

Stand with your values

Not with beliefs

Not with the outcomes

A belief can be challenged

An outcome is only temporary

But your values are your ground

That is the path that takes you forward

And the values, when you are really honest about it

Never leaves you astray

Your values correspond with the Universe; the eternity

And you realise

That you are connected to the intelligence of the past, present, and future

-You are never alone-

You will be supported by those before us

And you are already a part of what will be

Never be afraid

To start a cause too big to complete in this lifetime

To serve as a dot in the history

To be a part of a thread

Leading to a better world

Be courageous

Stand with your values

Author: Maiko Natsukawa

Born in Japan. Has lived in 4 countries, resided in Australia since 2004. Former stunt actor. Trade qualification. Equestrian sports. Advocate for equality and sustainable living.

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