Healing the one and the whole

Healing is not just about sending prayers and kind thoughtful thoughts, spreading message of hope and possibility.

But it sometimes requires the use of splint and plaster to support and secure;

providing education for more balanced diet and building a stronger immune system.

Or operate tumours out of the body.

And if the toxins enter lymph or blood stream, I guess we go back to the basic and start praying again.

I think that social justice is not unlike our individual physical wellbeing.

We can speak mindfully, and learn to respect: mindfully observe one another.

But it also requires regulation and the enforcement: the ability to guide the lost, invite conversation, and eliminate corrupted cells from spreading.

Cell biologists report that unhealthy cells begin to grow towards health the minute they are placed in a more suitable environment.

I think this is true with society as well;

The minute the mood and the mindset improves,

The minute you realise that you are not the patronised minority,

or the hated power on solo,

We begin to function in a more useful direction.

This has not fixed anything and each of us will still roll in all sort of directions.

But you can always expect a rational and reasonable conversation with a dignified individual.

You will likely hear some straight response, even in a disagreement.

Dignity is comfortable with dignified another,

And we are coherent;

may be just somewhat,

but we know that we all have a place of our own and will probably no longer invade.

What is your view?

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