What is Reiki (2) – basic information cont.

This is the second of the short Reiki information series.

In this blog post, I would like to write a little more about Western Reiki.

I personally value western Reiki very much, because I believe that its simplified form has allowed Reiki to be more widely known and available around the world. It has made Reiki much more accessible to people from Non- Japanese cultural backgrounds.

There was a person called Mrs Hawayo Takata. She studied the system of Reiki with one of the students of Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki practice. And she took her learnings to Hawaii, where she resided, and begun teaching. This was the beginning of Western Reiki.

Now. You might be willing to understand that she was a part Japanese individual living in Hawaii in the period around 1900- 1980. You could easily imagine how difficult it might have been to live in Hawaii as a Japanese person at that time, let alone teach the system of healing practice which stemmed from a spiritual practice at that time of the history.

Whether that was the reason, or not. Mrs Takata, along the way, had created some images that was far from the original about Reiki and its history and practice.

For example, she introduced Usui Mikao as a doctor Usui. But he was never a doctor. She said he was a Christian, but he was not a Christian. It was also said that Usui had studied at a university in the United states. But it has been confirmed in later years that that was not the case.

All these more correct information has been recognised by some very dedicated Reiki practitioners in the recent years. For example, people had contacted this particular university and seek information whether Mikao Usui had actually studied there at all. And they found that he did not.

The Usui system of Reiki has become well documented in English language, since people begun seeking the more accurate information about its practice and the history. Some Reiki practitioners have gone back to Japan to study more original form of Reiki. And I personally find it is important to honour the facts, and to pass on the practice with care and integrity as it used to be, whenever and wherever possible.

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