Feminism into and 2016 and future

Once upon a time, there was an era when feminism was about women gaining their right to speak different opinions to her husband. Some countries are still working on that.

Then, there was feminism where women seek their right to join work force, just like any men, to receive payment in return of their service.

And voting right was discussed.

Women begun wearing pants.

And then some women started wearing revealing clothes and provocative make ups,  and media took this up as a sort of feminism; I guess seeking the right to freely express their sexuality, with some sort of assumption that those sexual images were found attractive in society.

And then, I saw some News about some women suing their workplace for sexual harassment; because her male colleagues gave her certain look for wearing short skirts and bust revealing tops to a workplace with no uniforms. I heard a News reader categorise this particular woman as a feminist as she walked to the Court wearing a (very) tight short skirt and a blouse; only buttoned up half way.

I started wondering what feminism was all about.

In 2014, Emma Watson spoke about feminism at the UN. She spoke for the He for She campaign, proposing to involve men in the process of achieving gender equality. Malala Yousafzai received Nobel Peace Prize as a 17 years old, as a result of her contribution to a project which, most adult male would have cringed and avoided at the first thought.

In 2015, some countries legalised same sex marriage. In the same year, Australia decided that they could no longer keep their eyes closed for domestic violence, especially violence against women resulting in deaths. And then, a Minister decided to express his ‘respect for women’ by an example that he opens a door for women; to which I nearly fell out of a chair.

So here I go again.

To me, gender equality isn’t about being ‘nice’ to women by ‘protecting them’ from the ‘evils’. Equality gives rights and consequences to share all experience; that women are not on this planet to act as accessories to men.

It means that so long as you keep choosing war over peace and sending troops overseas, you will eventually see groups of women occupied as the front runners of an armed force; and these guys use real bullets, unlike what you see in a week nightly drama series.

To me, feminism is about seeking equality, not granting women the right to boast.

When there is dominance, there is fear. Taking ISIL for an extreme example: for the group who expects women to enslave, it is said to be their topmost fear to be killed by a woman; because then, according to their belief system, one will not go to heaven.

I think that time is now when we can no longer keep pretending that we do not know that there is a discord.

When you run out of wits, you resort to violence. When you become separate from wisdom, you fall to force; physical or otherwise. And in discord, people are conditioned to believe that the size and amount matters more than ever and people treat each other based on their labels and what their profiles may pronounce. And so they fight over a place on a ladder, of which in modern term is a vertical treadmill.

What is missing in the world is not money, not technology, nor the communication network; at least not for the most privileged nations.

What is it then that we have willingly dismissed until this time and point of the history?

In my opinion, equality is about going back to the basics, the foundations, to the ground. Feel it. It is right underneath your feet. This is what we all exist upon and where we will all go back in the end, unless you have arranged to go back to the oceans.

Which way shall we head in our sustainable future?

What is the smallest thing you can do, that may eventually turn the ship?

The wind will change.

And so.

What vow do you take for the 2016?

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