What is Reiki (3) – common image

This is Reiki information series number 3.

In this blog post, I would like to write about some of the common images around the practice of Reiki that are not necessarily accurate or correct.

When you hear the word Reiki, what comes to the mind of a lot of people is that it is a hands on healing method. There seems to be some understanding that the light touch and the warmth of hands are what is healing about Reiki. But I am saying here that it is not necessarily so.

You can also find some books which shows the images of naked people laying hands on each other. But this is definitely a very unfortunate misinterpretation that is not only un-truthful, but in fact, far from the practice of Reiki.

Without going too deeply into the teachings of Reiki, I could perhaps say that the physical contact is not a necessity in the practice of Reiki. Personally, I tend to lay my hands on some parts of the body during the session, for the purpose that I want to let my clients know where I am, while they may have their eyes closed during the session.

Again, personally, I have practiced Reiki in settings where the receiver was in the next room with a door closed between us. I have sent Reiki to someone on the other side of the city, and to a different state and overseas. So even from my limited amount of experience, I can tell you that Reiki is not really about the laying of hands. However, I do understand that it is probably easier, and only makes sense, when you are first learning to practice Reiki, to have the physical target to practice on, and to begin to grasp the idea of being Reiki.

I would like to allocate another opportunity further on to write a little more about ‘being’ Reiki, which is different from the impression that the practitioner is ‘doing Reiki to’ the receiver.

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