Sensitivity is intelligence

Sensitivity is intelligence. It is an intelligence to notice, receive information, detect, memorise, and learn. It is a gift.

In today’s real world, however, the sensitivity can be a source of problem.

There is too much information to take in; just mass amount of information streaming through;


isles of products at a local store,

stationary objects among moving vehicles and people everywhere,

people telling truth and lie all at the same time,

and this,

and that.

And we need to learn to discern.

We need to de-sensitise a little, to some of the things less appropriate to each of our lives. And so I found myself scratching my head and thinking… do I suppose to chose? What is in and what could be out?

Can somebody teach you? But they can’t teach you what you need for your life….only what they have learned in their own life; what has been useful for them.

And I realise how, the layered pie came in handy.

I cannot eat this pie, but it remind me that the mood of things helps us detect different information out of all; to sought what is important in life, because a different mood presents things of different qualities.

And so,

perhaps we could celebrate sensitivity without pathological analysis,

keeping that layered pie in mind,

and stick with the beautiful, happy, strong self.

There will be people who hate your strength.

But look,

I bet those people are facing the wrong slice of the pie,

and they could even have their head stuck in the pie,

and until they decide to make a turn in their own time,

it’s their problem that they don’t like your strength.

It’s like they cannot cope seeing the light within you, because they are the vampire….and you really should not have to dim the light to let them feed off your blood.

Let them sort it out.

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