Its all down hill from here, but not like that.

What does that mean?

As a person who has learn to speak English as the second language, who thinks is now capable enough to smoothly communicate most of the time, I am at a point to sometimes have to stop and think what a ‘saying’ actually means.

It’s over the hill.

It’s all down hill from here.

Ok. As a knowledge, apparently these are not the happiest expressions. These are about letting go of a car with no brake down the hill, and there is something important in the car; and you know that car, without break, will roll into somewhere un-reachable. Or may be the car is a Ferrari. One of those things, anyhow not so great.

I am a skier. I would not say I am great, but I ski. And I enjoy skiing. I do down-hill skiing, as oppose to cross-country skiing. And….can you tell where this is going?

When somebody says it’s over the hill, I think great; this is where the fun begins.

‘It’s all down hill from here’ implies something similar, and I only think ‘awesome, bring it on’. There is nothing to feel doomed about it.

And there is another slightly weird custom on the ski field as I learned in Australia. If somebody asks you if you are single on a ski-field, you don’t need to run away fast like you might on a dry land. If you see people raising a hand in the air and calling out “SINGLE”; they are not necessarily the drunken desperate looking for somebody to hook up with.

Ski-lifts and tow-bars are designed to take more than two people at a time. And since there are reasonable number of skiers who ski solo, it only makes sense to find another person to ride with; some lift operator will expect you to find a buddy so they can clear the queue faster. So you initially learn to call out “single” while quietly protesting to the self  ‘but not like that’, and you eventually get used to it.

Being single on the ski field is great. You often get to ride ahead in the queue, and ( with a grin,) you get to go over the hill much faster.

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