What is Reiki (5) – certification etc.

This is Reiki information series number 5.

In this blog post, I would like to write about certificates Reiki practitioners obtain as we expand our studies.

In the practicing the Usui system of Reiki, we have 3 stages of learning. Those are level 1,2,3; also known as shoden, okuden, and shinpiden. Level 3 or shinpiden is what is regarded as a master level. And so you become a Reiki master, as far as the certificate is concerned at this stage of your learning. However, for people who I share the similar philosophies, we tend to refrain from calling ourselves the ‘masters, whenever possible. I will try to explain this briefly.

For those who has a better understanding in Japanese culture and a level of understanding in mindfulness practice based on Eastern philosophies, calling the self ‘master’ is rather a shameful thing. The question here might be, “who are you to call yourself the master?”

Japanese culture, in short, is where you may train 7 years to become a sushi chef, for an example. And a decent chef is still not likely call the self the master. Humility might be the word to describe this. And to me, this has also something to do with a different understanding of the word mindfulness; that the more you learn, the more you become aware that you still have a lot to learn. More bluntly put, if you think you knew everything, then there is probably nothing we have to learn from you. And therefore it is simply not possible for a good practitioner of any level to address the self as the master or the expert.

Wise words of Lao Tzu teaches that “Those that speak do not know. Those that know do not speak.” And I think that there is something we can all learn from this.

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