It is NOT an ‘illusion”- abuse

Forget those “perception” thing that is going around, fully entitled. It is wrong.

If you injure another, the injury is real. Perception merely refer to whether the injury was received as the deadly damage or something the victim could finally recover from. If you stubbed another, you stubbed a person; whether the person lived or died, whether there was an ‘upset’ or not. Same goes for psychological and spiritual abuse and intrusions. It is not the victim being ‘sensitive’ or ‘was easily hurt.’ Your action to injure and intrude was wrong. Don’t even defend those who tries to joke, normalise, and encourage abusive acts.

It’s unfortunate that in Australia, government employees are ‘educated’ in a wrong way that they willingly dismiss all abuse claims/complaints as mere ‘misunderstanding’ and ‘misperception’ as soon as they can. I guess human rights is too hard for them to pursue.

I wish people would realise soon that education does not have to come in exchange of common sense. Education should be a tool to enrich one’s life, not to disengage one from who they really are.

How soon would people wake from their long absence?

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 7.14.24 pm

Image taken from Instagram




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