Kicking the perception in the butt.


They say that out of the whole world around us, we are only capable of grasping or remembering some 5-9 bits of information at a time. They say about 7 ( plus-minus 2), and so this number. And depending on what information you are receiving, you could have a whole different worldview on a matter. Fair enough.

Some personal development courses teach their participants skills to look at their world in a different way. And if you previously had an unfriendly view about yourself and others, you might be helped to find that there was another way to look at the world. It might be eye-opening experience for some. But a perception is still only a perception.

The problem is that some of these people begins to refer to perception about everything in their life. “It’s the matter of perception isn’t it?” According to them, if somebody is not happy, that is because this person does not know how to see the brighter side of the world.  If your action disappointed somebody or harmed another, you as a ‘perception clan’ would say that it was the other person’s issue that s/he did not know how to take the matter more lightly. It is sickeningly wrong. The fact that you injured another ( for an example) does not go away. And if everyone referred to perceptions to avoid responsibility for their own actions, then the world could be a very dangerous place.

Some NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training is producing this range of people who are alarmingly irresponsible for another’s welfare. People walk away unusually confident and entitled after short NLP trainings, but the truth is that they did not suddenly turn more capable as a person, they only learned that they can have a different attitude towards things; that they begin to only accept the convenient parts of the world which ( sometimes falsely) praise them.

Some interpretation of EQ ( Emotional Intelligence Quotient) also invite harmful results. Instead of using your own emotional state to live a more functional life, wrong-doers prone to use these skills to drive and manipulate others.

I am hopeful that the original versions of NLP, EQ, and other similar knowledge had good intent. But it has certainly fallen into wrong people’s hands – and some good people who has not found a way to regulate the chaos. The same skills used by sales persons are now reaching politicians, because you can ‘sell’ the ideas as well as products using clever wording and emotional drive. Results are that people with dysfunctional policies could be elected and were chosen for responsible seats. It is frightening to see how they fail to deal with the facts but merely working on turning the situation around to suit themselves.

Look out for those who speaks in unnecessarily uplifting manner. ( Or the opposite, like Donald Trump, who says all things that gets on your nerve and drive you up and down; and then strike a pose – “I have a solution for you”.) Emotional state can influence your decision. And these people, among their own, claim that they can interfere with another’s decision making strategies and therefore pre-determine your answers.

Look out for those who says “lets put this in perspective” and then impose own convenient view as if that was legitimate. Remember that you have the right to your own view.

Be that person who left Germany in refusal to follow Hitler. Be that Japanese person who refused to praise emperor and the wars that were fought in his names, even though the whole town avoided you as a result.

Kick “perceptions”in the butt, and be mindful. Remember that the whole world is around us, not just what is convenient for you; or what is convenient for the person who is trying to manipulate you. Please find a moment whenever you can, and find the ground underneath you. Nobody has a right to draw you away from your own values; not with force, not with soft preach.




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