Windy oak trees.

It means a lot for me to be around people who has ingrained interest in conservation. One, I don’t feel like the only one that cares. Two, you see a lot of odd behaviours- like collecting seeds from trees and storing in unexpected places- like a fridge!

So I was cleaning this fridge, and I found this bag full of ……something, germinating in fridge temperature. Whomever collected these had a good plan for them so he placed in fridge ‘for the time being,’ and he left the property soon after; that’s at least 8 months ago. Nobody wanted to throw these away until I got hold of the bag. I was fully intending to place them in rubbish as soon as I checked with everyone; once I ensured those were not a part of somebody’s on-going project.

IMG_2776.JPGThis bag full of ‘germinating something’ turned out to be baby oak trees,
“oh! those acorns what name collected at such and such time!” and nobody claimed them. So I took them home and planted them in soil. I suddenly had 10 pots of very sad looking young trees, which looked indeed quite lifeless.
Now that I separated the jumble into pots, plants looked bare, dry and weak; I took pictures of them but I felt like they were not supposed to leave the scene. That was back on the 14th of June, beginning of the winter in Southern Hemisphere.

Well, I left the pots in shade for a little while then moved them by the window, where filtered sun was available during the day. I watered them. I cut a few tips of the plant were I could tell were certainly dead, but I left the rest be. I was not very hopeful, and I was only giving them one last chance before throwing them in rubbish. ‘A couple of weeks’, I thought. But I left them longer since they were not noisy- they didn’t bother me for taking up a mere square meter of my apartment.

Then these little lumps started to appear.


And lumps became shoots, growing into leaves. I saw life coming back into the plants, even on parts where I saw no hopeful lumps growing just yet.

IMG_2895.JPG   IMG_2891.JPG

It has been almost two months, and I suspect I now have a little nursery at home. The pace they are growing, at least in parts, tells me that these are TREES that will one day be taller than the roof of my apartment. Not only that they won’t fit in pots forever, and I have a number of them, they all look seriously screwed and all over the place; not something I can just gift to people. So well, since I am stuck with them, I suppose I will continue watering them. They grow straight into the light, though…. no matter how windy they appear, the new shoots are growing straight into the sky.

Guess what, I might need a bit of land in a few years time. 😉





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