I have a feeling that those whom wanting to save the world is indeed doing more damage  to our world than they ever directly intended. Because, the world would have to be broken before it could be amended. There is a line in the book of The Alchemist which says “When you want something, the whole Universe will conspire together to help you get it.” If you want to save it, you’d first have to see it destroyed, wouldn’t you?

In a small town where I spent my primary school years, there was a lot of people who just wanted to live to their old age. If you asked a girl what her life’s dream was, you’d hear a response, “I want to be a good mom.” I avert those answers that girls should not be raised only to bear children and do house hold duties. But those people, while they won’t be ambitious enough to join Elon Musk’s team of engineers, they knew the names of wild flowers an edible plants in the field. If we were all like that, we wouldn’t have thought of pumping gas and oil from the ground beneath us, or burning those thing until it was too hot for us to breathe the air.

Maybe it is time we stop making those super hero movies because there is not a lot of good in those ecstatic victories if we assumed the deaths of the innocents. Maybe I’ll declare that I just want to live peacefully, and I should familiarise with stories full of talking animals and flowers, which still gives us happy endings…. oh wait, Walt Disney movies?



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    1. Yes, I hope so. I am among people who talk to horses, and a magpie ( and themselves- and they, or shall I say we because I do as well, are far from apologetic about it). Maybe I should talk to trees and see what they might teach me.


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