Whips and horses

It is not the whip that makes horses go faster.

I am not, by any measure, a great rider at all however I rode track work for a couple of years, rode a number of barrier trials, and then a few official trials. I occasionally rode record time (for the particular horse, not the track record). I also did have a fortune to ride a gallop of the week in Flemington. And I swear, I never had to use a whip to make those horses go faster. I carried a whip when I galloped, because I was told to, but I usually had it tucked inside my forearm with my little finger so the horse did not have to see the whip as they sped down the straight. And they still gave me their best whenever they could. IT IS NOT THE WHIP THAT MAKES HORSES GO FASTER.

I am optimistic that whip ban will only lift the game over sometime. It will require trainers to employ truly skilled riders who can educate their horses to carry their riders safely, and race well. And everything else will have to slide up accordingly. But I pray that it will happen soon. ( Originally posted on Facebook in January 2017)

With Melbourne cup nearing, RSPCA published a new campaign. I am not for party either- it does not appeal to me. But this new campaign (Love parties, hate whips) might catch the eyes of wider audience, and I think I can understand where RSPCA is coming from.


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