I watered and fertilised my pot plasnt carefully though the winter, only to see the leaves wilt in the cold.

Just before the temperature eased and the Spring came around the corner, I re-potted a few of them, and I knew that some of the pots looked ridiculously large for the plants they held.

More recently, I used sugar cane mulch, and soaked each pot with plenty of water, and I went away for about 1 week.

I came home, slightly worried of the prospect that everything could be all dried up and brown, and I saw this. Blossoming.

What I do really doesn’t make that much difference, does it- nature knows the right time, and flowers bloom when the time is right. I think that’s another lesson for me, right there.




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    1. Excellent question, Dr Rob, I wonder… I believe that a trusting nature could be developed, but it feels that they need to be developed earlier than later. Also it would be interesting to consider if a trusting nature could be re-developped, or if it is something that could be taken away from a person once established. I have a feeling that it could only become dormant, but not diminished. What do you think?


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