Winners and losers.

If you worked really hard to win, and you were ahead in a competition, but you realised that your “competitions” had no interest in reaching the destination you aimed for and hence that was the only reason you were still “ahead,” would you still be a winner?

If you had a clear and measurable goal, you placed all time and resource that you could think of, sacrificed the self and others and depleted the rights of others to live their quiet life in process; can you still call that a success, whatever you might have achieved?

If you had a dream, you set off from a far away land, and you found a beautiful tree you decided to shelter under for the rest of your life before your dream came true, would you be a loser for not pursuing the dream all the way?

If you attained a level of wealth, gave away what was the excess and so you no longer owned the largest house on the street, and so people did not acknowledge you as the rich, would you consider that you lost your privileges?





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