In about 50 years.

I have 18 oak tree seedlings that are growing in their small pots. It’s a great fun to imagine looking for a land of ‘my own’ in the near future,  though whether a human actually ever ‘own’ a land is always a good question however, because these little trees will eventually grow out of these pots and look for a piece of land to nestle upon.

I thought of looking up a well grown tree, and going for a walk under the trees that were once so small that they needed to be kept inside ( or behind another pot) to shelter from the elements. And I thought, “imagine how tall these trees would be in about 50 years time”….. only to realise, I may not be here in this world of “about 50 years time.”

Time is flying; from those days when I thought I knew everything and being the best was a great thing, past the period when just a thought of ‘only half way thought my life now’ just about doomed me to exhaustion. These trees seem to grow while I mind own businesses, and the clock is ticking away.

Boy I wonder what 2018 might prevail before me….




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  1. Hello Maiko

    I’m having some frustration with you last 2 posts – the one about the wolves isn’t available and the one about trees doesn’t have any sounds. Is this a problem with the links? They both looked so interesting and i hope there is something you can do here.

    Robert B McNeilly MBBS CET The Milton H Erickson Institute of Tasmania 191 Campbell Street Hobart TAS 7000 Australia Mobile 0433 273 352 sign up for my newsletter

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    1. That’s strange Dr Rob, because I could click and open the links when I previewed them before posting. But I checked now and, you are right, one has no sound, the other did not open. Thank you for letting me know that these are not working. I will emails you the links, as tI think they are both lovely.


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