If anybody could look into these eyes and then kill, I would be surprised. You cannot, with a sane mind, acknowledge another as a living being and then pull the trigger to end a healthy, peaceful life.


I bet you though, shooters only see these creatures as ‘target,’ and not give themselves a moment to engage with what is behind the shapes and objectives. They can’t, because they will no longer have the ability to kill if they acknowledged them as another being. It will disturb their ‘purpose’, and you are meant to madly focus on your purpose and disregard what gets in the way, right?

It frightens me though, because a man who can kill a creature like this would have an ability to rationalise the killing of anything else, including the humans. Why are we ‘legalising’ that?

And then in Australia, we have feral animals that are causing great damages to the native wildlife. Feral cat and dogs, goats, pigs etc; all the previously domesticated animals that were brought in from overseas. What are the difference between wolves and feral cats here- one is native to its land and the other is not? But wouldn’t that qualify all non-indigenous Australian people as the most invasive species on this continent? What makes human being an exception to these equations?

What do we do, when we realise that no matter which way you go you’d be wrong anyway?



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