Bread making.

I remembered that I had some baking flour in store. I also had some Yeast. So I shook a bit of Yeast into water with sugar, eventually added flour, “that much would do,’ and I let it prove.

I remembered I had some olive in the fridge, and I like olive in bread, so I added whatever was left in the jar, all of it. Because it looked too wet now, I added some tapioca starch that was also in store. I rolled the dough into 2, let if rest for 5 minutes and baked.


I suspect the oven temperature was too low ( thermometer read 150) for bread baking to begin with. I worked for a bakery at some stage in my life, and their oven was always cranking hot at around 350 degree (Celsius). So I raised temperature and waited until the bread coloured.

This is so not how you should bake a bread, I said to myself. But 2 bread emerged from the oven in the end, and I am content. I guess I enjoy the idea of producing my own food, where and as much as I can.



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