Peace precinct

So we visited a garden. It’s interesting, people want to discuss dark topics anytime my nationality comes up in a conversation. Japanese whaling in the southern ocean, dolphin slaughter in Taiji, War memorial in Canberra ( which is essentially the record of Australian folks fighting Japanese off the continent), and Japanese garden in Cowra ( which was a memorial built nearby where Japanese prisoners of the war broke jail and over 200 of them were killed as a result). If anybody tries to talk positively of Japanese culture, they’d end up comparing Japan against other Asian cultures and middle eastern cultures; the typical “I like Japanese people because you guys are not like that,” which does not make anybody look smarter.

May be we should come to term that conversation goes wrong whenever we try to justify a nationality, gender, occupation, or any other things that could be made reputable on a piece of paper. I like nature. Nature is intelligent, it has the self and the ability to respond to the external environment, and it knows how to co-exist.

Anyway, I visited the Japanese garden in Cowra over the weekend. You drive through a gate which reads “peace precinct.” Lets spend some time in nature and see if our mood might lift. Shall we? May peace be with you.







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  1. Nationalism is a major cause of war. Quakers avoid it. They have a song “Peace begins when the children are fed. Peace begins when we approach each other as friends. Let the peace begin”.

    So … let the peace begin.

    Thank you again, Maiko.

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  2. Those perceptions say more about the other than about you. I am sorry that you have to suffer these preconceptions and prejudices. Your photos are beautiful. I love the textures of the bark. You are right. Nature is intelligent. People sometimes less so!

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    1. Thank you Ali, this is something I have come to term with over time. it used to bother me a lot, but not so much anymore. These things remind me the importance of mindful communication- if you take notice of a person before you, their nationality and other titles fall away don’t they?

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