Driving in rain, I contemplated.

It started with a few drops, and it soon felt as though it was raining very hard. I thought I would stop my vehicle on the side of the road and record a video; a video of the blinding rain and its sound.

As my vehicle came stationary, I thought the rain eased. I attempted a video or two, but I was not quite convinced wether they would accurately describe the rain I was seeing before. So I put my phone away and decided to drive on.

As I returned to the road and drove, I noticed that it rained harder. I said to myself, “This is what I wanted to film, but I bet it would ease again as soon as I stop my car.” Yet I stoped my car one more time, and sure enough the rain eased.

I heard myself think “I told you so,” and I recalled a story of the lonely moon I read when I was very young. It was a story of a mama bear and a cub. Mama bear and a cub was walking under a night sky and the cub exclaimed, “mama, the moon is following us!” Of course the moon was not following them, or may be it was, but the mama bear just smiled and told her cub to give the moon a wave.

The faster I travelled, the harder it rained and I could hardly see the road with my windscreen wipers working overtime. But if I stopped, the it only rained enough to gently moisten the pasture. I drove on just doing the comfortable speed, and said to myself, “well this is strangely familiar.”


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