I drove home after a rain. Road was saturated.

There is many wildlife in this area and we need to drive slowly once the temperature dropped after the rain. I usually drive at 50km/hour on a road marked to 80km speed limit. You can avoid Kangaroos and Wombat at that speed.

Frogs have been my concern for sometime. They are about the size of my fingernails. That they do cross the road as well, just that we don’t see them well enough or slow down for them- for I guess they won’t damage the car if we collide with them. Too many times, I saw frogs in my headlights only to realise that I would just have to hold my breath and drive over them. I have not been brave enough to stop my vehicle to see if they were alive after being driven over.

As I drove though a gate yesterday, I stop started and then very slowly proceeded. Soon I saw 2 frogs cross the path before me, I stopped because I could easily do so while still doing 30km/hour. I felt relieved to notice that I cared enough.

I sat there and observed. Both frogs stopped though. They stopped as my vehicle approached. After about 20 seconds, one of the frogs jumped away. The other one remained where it stopped, so I drove carefully around behind it. I don’t know what stopped them in their paths, light or the vibration in the ground. A clever defence mechanism. If they were to be squashed under a wheel they still would. But at least they won’t jump into the wheel to end their own lives if they stopped and let the steel beast go past over their head. That was another subtle lesson from the nature.

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  1. It’s a real dilemma, since no matter how we try, we are going to harm some creatures … frogs as you say, and also insects … For me I just have to accept that I will do some damage, and try to minimise it, and as you say, learn from the experience.

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    1. You are awesome, Cindy! If you like frogs, you should Google Green tree frogs. They are humorous (tropical, so they are probably not around the area where I live now))creatures. I used to share a shower with them when I worked in a tropical place in Australia. I liked them, except for when they( had to be a large one) land on my window in the middle of the night, hunting the bugs. 😉


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