Growing plants

I delivered 4 pots of plants to a friend last week, and 7 more today. She has some land and she knows a bit about trees and conservation, so she would be a perfect person to trust these little plants with.

Oak acorns that were found germinating in a fridge, lemon seeds, persimmon seeds, and the mystery seeds ( we eventually found they were cyclamens). They are all just about ready to go in the ground and start growing, except for those that might prefer a pot. Also, 2 pots of azalea that were rescued, they were to be thrown away if no takers after a wedding event, they left me today to find some ground as well.

There is something quite satisfying about growing plants. I wish I had some land so I could plant them and watch them grow. For now, these pots go when they are ready, and they are free to good homes.

You can see where these all started from the links below.

Windy oak trees

Spring magic


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