Bulk cooking is back on line.

My life has returned from a hectic to a normal. That just means that I now have a time to think about what my body requires, and I now have the energy to cook my own food again. As much as it was a privilege to eat prepared meals at a company canteen, you are only as good as what you consume after all; and I have not have given myself nearly enough care in terms of my dietary requirements.

Whether I have time to cook or not, I am still hopelessly lazy when it comes to eating. I tend to eat for sustenance more than an enjoyment, so a simple preparation of meals are very important to me. What’s better, I am using a kitchenette with substantial cooking appliances. So this is going to be a lot of fun juggling space and and keeping the place clean and tidy as I go.

So I cooked a bulk food using one of those rectangular electric pan. I went to a supermarket and bought a tray full of food that was not packed in plastic. Hopefully, one day, those supermarket corporations will get the message and grow out of those excessive wrapping. I have also learned to take a reusable cardboard tray to the shop, so I don’t have to use a plastic bag to carry what I bought. For a record, below is a list of food I used today i.e. what was sold without plastic wrapping.

Broccoli, broccolini, asparagus, red capsicum, gran capsicum, bus choc, sweet potatoes, egg plant. I also used a can of diced tomatoes out of the cupboards.


I diced and sliced all I brought home, and separated them into 3 pile; cook first, second and last. I used almost everything including the stems of broccoli and asparagus, except for the very base of the vegetables that looked too tough to swallow. I heated the pan, add oil and onion then the first pile. I then added rice, a can of diced tomatoes and water, and let it boil with a lid on. Once boiling, I add the second pile of vegetables and turned the heat right down; I let everything cook until liquid was absorbed. I only add the greeneries as I turned off the heat.

I was left with 5 pieces of rubber bands that were holding vegetables together; I add those to my rubber band collection(?). A can of tomatoes produced an empty can, which I placed in recycling tub. I had 2 pieces of plastic labels that came with the vegetables, and these were the only things that I had to add to my landfill waste cooking this batch of food. I had a handful of food waste after cutting of the hard parts of the vegetables, which will be placed in a pile of compost.

Now I should have a week or so supply of tasty vegetarian meal in the fridge, and I realise that I would have ended with just 2 plastic tags if I had used fresh tomatoes instead of a can. I could probably eliminate those plastic labels if I shopped at a local produce market. This is not to strangle myself with rules, but I feel that we are in a pretty good place if we do decide to commit to reducing waste as a whole community. It can be done, and I shall continue to make my own small effort the way I can.


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