A beginning of a love story.

… though I suspected that the story had started some long while ago, this is officially the beginning now. 😊

A horse arrived here 3 days ago. A horse that would be classified as a “wastage” in a racing industry entered a thoroughbred rehabilitation program a few years ago. He was then adopted to a high end hospitality venue that offer horse riding activity to their guests, and I met him there in my work. I saw a bit of drama around this horse from an earlier stage of my employment, horse was never at fault in my opinion, and I eventually declared myself as his rider. Declaring sounds a touch over the top, but I basically banned people from riding him to end the drama. People then saw with their own eyes that there was nothing wrong with the horse. He is an attractive horse, so people would sneak behind my back and try to do things with him, only to experience issues due to human error. One of those instances caused injuries to the horse and, a long story short, I left my employment. I was not going to sit there and watch people damage a horse, then I having to fixing the trouble they had caused only to see this saga to repeat. When I resigned, I visited the horse in his paddock and asked if he would come with me. I said I had a place for him if he would come with me. When I left the company, my manager offered the horse to me. I gratefully took the offer.

He arrived here in a truck. I was hoping for a rainbow coloured emotional reunion, but I woke up pretty quickly. Though he was well fed and watered, he arrived looking less than ideal. He has lost muscle tones. His shoeing has not been correct, which is affecting the way he walks and hense his posture. He has lumps of injuries on his leg, which was caused by human errors. It hurts to see him like that, but most of the problems can be rectified with my effort, and I can approach a good farrier for an assistance.

I reached out to the people who trained him during his time at the rehabilitation program. Many, including the volunteers, remembered him. They offered assistance, which I will reach out for once the farrier start working to correct his feet. We’ll get there. More success with a horse like this will prove that thoroughbred rehabilitation program is worth it. Closer to home, I like this horse. He is going to be my outside pet, and I will do my best to keep him happy.

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