Doing nothing together.

I value those times when I do “nothing” with horses, together. Someone once taught me to go and visit horses often even if you required no work from them. I have since been practicing this visit whenever I see an opportunity. I now think this is one of the most important part of a horse-human relationship.

People wonder why I bother taking a horse out of a grassy paddock, only to stand around and let them pick on the other side of the fence. But that’s the whole point. I often joke that we are hard at work mowing the lawn. This is different to walking up to a horse with a bucket of feed, and watching them empty what I gave them. When you go and “eat grass together,” you are not paying the due, but you are hanging, together, just because. We would wander and find a better piece to chew on, but I am not taking the horse for a walk to exercise. We just wander, together. That’s what horses do.

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