Farrier and his magic words

If you were having to walk wearing a wooden croc, with long toes and narrow bases, you would eventually begin to walk in certain way and your posture would be affected over time. If you were expected to engage in physically strenuous activities with a set of feet like that, then you would probably be predisposed to injuries. That’s what some horses go though when their farrier requirements are not met.

So a new farrier took care of this horse today, and his words confirmed my suspicions. There is a bit of work to be done before this horse could carry himself the way he could otherwise. The horse needs to be able to walk with his feet underneath his body, so he is balanced as he naturally would be. So the farrier carried out his work, and he spoke with me before he left.

I acknowledged that this work would take more than just one farrier visit, and that I was not expecting a miracle. The farrier said it usually takes about 3 visits, then with a twinkle in his eyes he added. “But sometimes 2 visits.” You know, that is a magic language I wish more medical doctors would speak. Because he said so, I would now look forward to seeing the results sooner. And because of that, the horse now has a chance to feel better as soon as he is ready- not when the humans think he should. Things will take as long as it would, but I will be more open to seeing the signs of recovery, rather and blankly waiting for the 3rd visit by the farrier to realise that some good things are happening in my world.

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