Ideal environment

Even a plant has its own favourite spot over another.

I spent 2 years with a Slovenian lady. I was renting a room at the back of her house, and I got to see her work around her garden. She believed in looking after what was under her care. She also believed in adding value to inexpensive things and making them worth something. One of the things I learned from her was that even a pot plant has its own favourite spot, and they thrive if you let them be in their preferred environment.

We were looking out towards the garden one of those days and she said, ” that plant is not happy where it is, so that pot will move.” Her English is established along with 6 other languages that she speaks. But she did not say she would move the pot, instead she said the pot plant would move as if it had its own wishes. I thought it was cute, but that was as far as I understood at the time.

My collection of pot plants expanded when I lived at my previous place. I moved as I found a new job, so I gave away some plants and I brought the rest to my new place with me. I placed all my outside pots right outside my bedroom when I arrived, which was a similar environment to where the plants were before I moved. I then observed. Plants did well and not so well, and I went on guessing why. What would make them happy? Often it had something to do with how often I watered them, I was not watering them enough during a cool weather. I moved some plant into a shade of another, and I moved a few other pots to a more visible place as they started flowering.

And then I realised, my native violet started to thrive. I placed it under a roof, where it would receive sunlight half of the day, and I took no additional care from there. But its leaves are brighter, and it started flowering again. It’s winter now, and it is only getting colder. And these pots are flowering. The pot which looked off colour at my last place is now flourishing.




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