Crane and the beams

So I was working with this horse whom were formally called crazy for he was thought to be too sensitive and unpredictable.

Next door neighbour to where I live, they are presently building a new residence and so there is a lot going on over the fence.

I was exercising this horse until the horse expressed distress and I decided to take a moment. There was a crane, moving those thick steel beams from here to there and then hoisting them up to structure the ceiling. Horses generally trouble with things which hover above their eye height, especially if it comes and goes. Crane operator was liberally using a horn to communicate with his grounds men, which was adding extra flavour to our anxiety.

I should have fled the scene to keep the horse comfortable, also from the safety side of things I definitely should have left, but I stayed. We stood facing the monster and observed. I spoke to the horse, describing what was going on; that the crane was a rental crane guessing from the signage on the side of the machinery, that there were three men working- one inside the crane and two assistants. I didn’t honestly think the horse understood my words, but he was noticing what I was seeing and that was meat to be helpful. It was no longer a monster but it was three hard working people and a machinery. All these were happening right on the other side of the fence, 5-10 meter or less.

5 minutes in, we resumed our exercise, and the crane left once they completed their tasks.

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