Leg wraps

I was working for a racing stable some 15 years ago. We tended to horses medical cares where required as a part of the morning routine, which included taking horses for vet visit and changing bandages wrapped on horses’ legs. Those bandages were often used to keep small cuts and scratches clean, and this was one of the easy jobs anybody could have tended to.

Here was the trouble. Horses are quite flexible and they can scratch their head using their back legs. In a same manner, they could reach with their teeth to rip a bandage that was placed on their back leg, if they didn’t like it. Front legs are closer to their mouth, so it was even easier to rip a bandage off a front leg. The reason they do this varied from boredom to that the bandage was too tight and uncomfortable etc. and the foreman was keeping a close watch so the bandages were done correctly by any of us whom were attending.

So there was a regular battle to keep those bandages on the horses’ legs, and I had my turn in wrapping a horses’ leg. The horse kept the bandage on till morning. I bandaged another horse the following day, and the bandage stayed on again. I was asked to bandage another horse the day after, and I noticed that the foreman dropped by to watch what I was doing midway through the process.

I was slightly afraid that the foreman might tell me off, as I was aware that I wasn’t exactly following the text book. I noticed that the horse was trying to turn his head to see what I was doing, so I had un-tied him to allow free of movement; not what I was supposed to. I let him check the equipments and the bandage that would go on him. And I held my hand around the now complete bandage, looked at the horse, and asked the horse to “keep this on.” The foreman told me to just keep doing what I was doing after seeing this, and the bandage stayed on till morning again.

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