About Breeze and Optimism

Monarch_ButterflyBreeze and Optimism:

Hope, possibility, taking small actions; it is about stepping towards consciousness, feeling the gentle breeze as you go about your life.

For myself, I am an optimist. – It does not seem to be much use being anything else. Sir Winston Churchill.

In the era where we are,

We can talk about how bad things are, how we ended up here, or we can come together doing something to make the smallest difference today and a little more tomorrow.

I suggest that we be honest and face what we each have in front of us, and remember that our attitude matters.

What could be the smallest thing you can do to make a tiniest dent in a situation, whatever your concern may be?

If we just knew that our actions today could really matter for the future, then what could we start doing today?

If you think you are too small to make a difference….try sleeping with a mosquito in the room. Dalai Lama

Small steps matter.

Stay optimistic. You are not alone. Really, you are not. Join us on our Breeze of Optimism facebook page.

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