Why Monarch Butterfly?

Monarch_ButterflyYou may notice that we are using Monarch butterfly as our social media profiles.

Monarch butterfly is known to migrate between Central Mexico and Southern Canada. Each butterfly weighs less than half a gram, and sometimes travel more than 2,800 miles.

It is said that it takes 5 generations of Monarch butterflies to complete a whole migration circuit. It means that each butterfly is flying to the destination they have never been before. Female lays eggs before it dies and the next generation carries on with its voyage.

We chose Monarch butterfly for this blog in hope that each of us will find our own path and collectively relay our lives to the next generation. If a single butterfly could fly such distance, then we humans can probably do so much more than what we think we can.

May great spirit always guide us to wherever we are meant to be.

May we quieten our mind;

so we can hear the guiding whispers of the wind,

notice the pebbles laid before us under the moonlight,

and always remember to choose kindness over greed.

If the world is the reflection of what we are, then it might be worth taking a look at the way we are.

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