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Maiko Natsukawa: Born in Japan. Lived in 4 countries, resides in Australia since 2004. Former stunt actor. Trade qualification. Equestrian sports. Advocate for equality and sustainable living.


I have many good stories to tell. But I will write a little about the difficulties I went though, because it will begin to explain how this blog came about, and why I share this big question, “how did we end up here?”

I started writing blogs in process of recovering from a series of experience I went though in 2012- 2013;  I studied hypnotherapy /psychotherapy with a “government accredited” training provider in Australia, and walked away with some extensive damage and loss. I would be forever grateful for those who stood by me through the time. And I will remember those who left me, and those who blamed me for the experience.

What I found in process was dysfunctional system, series of misjudgements by politicians whose priorities were in questionable places, and how ordinary people were ill-treated in Australia. I somehow struggle to agree with those who must see an amount of money to see a person as a person. I just spent 8+ years to achieve a permanent residency in this “fair and equal” country. – And so I decided to be honest that I disagree with the corrupt system. Health and education is not a place for business nor politics, according to my non-academic opinion. These are invisible infrastructure within a nation, and I expect any reasonable nation to take good care of those.


My life is quite full. I work, I study criminology,  and it seems that I am now also campaigning for ‘decency’ in life. And since sanity is very important to me, I am going to make a conscious choice to focus on the gentle side of the world as much as I can- and this is the space where I collect those ‘gentle’ moments.

Let us discuss something delightful and pleasant from here on. Let’s think about eating healthful food. Let us be enchanted by the stories of nature and animals. Let’s listen to some music. Let’s be available to hear the whispers of the wind.

Let’s talk about living a gentle life, caring about what really matters. Life is never going to be perfect. But if we could remember that we are still alive, I guess that we are already doing very well. Here is to all the true champions out there. I hope that one day, we will speak.

With love and breeze,


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