About Maiko

Maiko Natsukawa: author of Rachel, Grace and Pony Club. Horses have played an integral part in Maiko’s life. She has undergone extensive training and ridden and worked under a number of specialists in the equine field. She volunteered her spare time at a local pony club teaching children, ridden in competitive disciplines, worked as a part of horse crew for stage productions such as Opera Carmen at the Sydney Opera House as well as number of television and film production in Japan and Australia. Maiko also worked in horse racing, and as a result became an advocate for racing without whips and thoroughbred rehabilitation programs for the retired race horses.

Former stunt actor: Maiko trained professionally and worked as a part of one of the oldest and largest stunt action company in Japan. Training consisted of body control, swimming, riding, height training, and stage combat. Height was one of Maiko’s strengths. Maiko was assigned to successfully execute a partial body torch(reenactment), a stair fall(movie), as well as a horse fall (body double). A script was written featuring Maiko to play a role in one of the central live stage productions. Her other assignment included theatre productions and television commercials. Maiko was a part of a team bound to Las Vegas in the year she left the company.

Social justice: Maiko became involved in political activities as a result of her own experience of being a subject to an education fraud in Australia in the years 2012-2013. An investigation revealed that the Australian federal department of education was negligent in the regulation of their accreditation scheme. Obvious loop holes invited any hopeful schools to apply for a government accreditation, which was granted without a substantial assessment nor a suitable follow up auditory procedures. Unfit schools and career fraud flourished in the private education sector as a result, causing financial loss and other damages to many whom trusted their credentials. Maiko aggressively communicated the matter to the attention of the relevant Ministers and authorities, which contributed to the “sudden announcement” of private education reform in the 2016. This experience led Maiko to engage in Criminal justice studies. 3 years on in 2019, Department of Education of Australia continues to struggle finding an effective management strategies for their private education sector.

Maiko chooses to live a gentle life. She cares about what matters and appreciates the true champions from all wakes of life. Maiko looks forward to connecting with those whom share her values.

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