Garbage collection

Where I live, Garbage collection service is provided weekly, and recycling bins are collected every second week. The most recent collection day emptied both general waste and the recycling bin and so we had 2 wheelie bins to bring back from the curb side this week. I took a horse to bring the bins in.... Continue Reading →


A gravel road that looks grey at a glance is made of many different colours. These small rocks are of all different colours, and each of these has many colours within.

Farrier and his magic words

If you were having to walk wearing a wooden croc, with long toes and narrow bases, you would eventually begin to walk in certain way and your posture would be affected over time. If you were expected to engage in physically strenuous activities with a set of feet like that, then you would probably be... Continue Reading →

Ideal environment

Even a plant has its own favourite spot over another. I spent 2 years with a Slovenian lady. I was renting a room at the back of her house, and I got to see her work around her garden. She believed in looking after what was under her care. She also believed in adding value... Continue Reading →

Doing nothing together.

I value those times when I do "nothing" with horses, together. Someone once taught me to go and visit horses often even if you required no work from them. I have since been practicing this visit whenever I see an opportunity. I now think this is one of the most important part of a horse-human... Continue Reading →

More vegetarian food

For the love of easy meals... I shopped local and brought home any vegetables but what's wrapped in plastic. Well, of course except for a bag of rice. I boiled water while cutting vegetables, and, I steamed everything together lightly. Steaming produced some vegetable infused water, so I cooked rice with it. That's it. I... Continue Reading →

A beginning of a love story.

... though I suspected that the story had started some long while ago, this is officially the beginning now. 😊 A horse arrived here 3 days ago. A horse that would be classified as a "wastage" in a racing industry entered a thoroughbred rehabilitation program a few years ago. He was then adopted to a... Continue Reading →


So an angel fell out of the sky, and he is going to land with me. 3 more sleeps. Stay tuned!

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