Sensitivity is intelligence

Sensitivity is intelligence. It is an intelligence to notice, receive information, detect, memorise, and learn. It is a gift.

In today’s real world, however, the sensitivity can be a source of problem.

There is too much information to take in; just mass amount of information streaming through;


isles of products at a local store,

stationary objects among moving vehicles and people everywhere,

people telling truth and lie all at the same time,

and this,

and that.

And we need to learn to discern.

We need to de-sensitise a little, to some of the things less appropriate to each of our lives. And so I found myself scratching my head and thinking… do I suppose to chose? What is in and what could be out?

Can somebody teach you? But they can’t teach you what you need for your life….only what they have learned in their own life; what has been useful for them.

And I realise how, the layered pie came in handy.

I cannot eat this pie, but it remind me that the mood of things helps us detect different information out of all; to sought what is important in life, because a different mood presents things of different qualities.

And so,

perhaps we could celebrate sensitivity without pathological analysis,

keeping that layered pie in mind,

and stick with the beautiful, happy, strong self.

There will be people who hate your strength.

But look,

I bet those people are facing the wrong slice of the pie,

and they could even have their head stuck in the pie,

and until they decide to make a turn in their own time,

it’s their problem that they don’t like your strength.

It’s like they cannot cope seeing the light within you, because they are the vampire….and you really should not have to dim the light to let them feed off your blood.

Let them sort it out.

Human mind is a layers pie

Subconscious mind of human is like a layered pie. I am convinced that it is not like an iceberg in icy water. It is not even an inflatable ball in a tropical water. I do not believe that it is submerged under anything.

Subconscious mind is like a layered pie, and this is the one you layered yourself.

Some layers, you layered under the guidance and supervision of somebody else; like the guardians, school teachers, and the society.

Some other layers, you lay them using your own ability; but using the ability as you know it; blindly following the culture, education, and etc.

And there is another lot of layers that you lay in deliberate effort. You plan, search and try some new materials for colour, texture, flavour, aroma, and all other things you can consider. You lay this out and see it works. Sometimes the old and the new complement each other, and sometimes they don’t. Perhaps you add a hint of salt to bring out the natural sweetness in an ingredient. And while the process of making a material may be a conscious act, it becomes a part of subconscious once you lay this out.

Each slice of the pie is the mind set or the mood. You are standing in the centre of this massive and gigantic layered pie, hopefully facing outward.

If you are in a foul mood, you are probably looking at the wrong slice. This slice isn’t great. And here, you cannot think straight nor make good decisions. If you have your head stuck in the slice for whatever reason, then you may be suffering more. It could be suffocating, dark, and all the rest.

When you are facing a better slice and outward, the world seem to expand way beyond. A slice only goes so far, but the idea about the future seem to roll itself out. You have the energy to pursue the invisible purpose and you know what, and life is somewhat enjoyable no matter how hard you are working.

Every now and then, we recognise the need to observe the experience in a perspective. And often times, all you need to do is to turn your head and find a better slice; still your pie, and available only a mili-meter away.

Sometimes you remember to do this on your own. Sometimes you need to be told. Its possible somebody need to make a loud bang to make you turn around, or grab your shoulder and seek your attention. Or perhaps if I flicked on a light switch somewhere, you might see that there are other slice to explore and so you will find your own way.

Subconscious mind is the slices of layered pie. Every part of these is within your reach. What is closer to the surface might be easier to access, but the bottom layers and the cream in between is also yours. You just need to sit there long enough to get through it. Nothing is submerged under water.

That said.

What is in the pie will matter in your world. What makes each layer probably matters more than how well the pie is layered in times to come.

Every single one of us will have faced a smelly slice sometime in our life. And when you are there, the contrast between here and there will matter; don’t we all tend to stay a little too long in a luke-warm water gradually reaching a boiling point?

And if you were somewhat convinced that a slice of pie is all there is to the world for a period of struggle, and so you are taking things seriously about what your life is made of, what each slice contains can really be a game changer.

Those drifting thoughts and ideas that come and go through our day are constructed with these layers; what you heard, read, movies you watched, games you played, dooming NEWS programs you consumed, your holiday, people you met and if they believed in you or not, a first day of something, and a rise and fall of something else.

While on a good day, on a good slice of pie, you tend to skim through what is more useful, and not listen to the demon by the name of fear. When on a darkened slice of pie, a cursed moment could almost take over the whole space, and this, even if you knew that thought are merely thoughts. If we have lived long enough, we would have experienced something that was unpleasant. And these have also formed a part of the layered pie, which could be a part of any given moment in your life.

But there is a reason why, regardless of what information is layered through the pie, we merely see a whole pie rot to nothing. There is something in us that knows to self preserve, and to heal. And there are things we can consciously consume as a natural medicine for our mind.

This is one of the reasons why it is a true gift to teach young children good stories. One day, every youth will hop out of the nest and begin exploring. They will taste the dirt and may be eat some grass. They may fall in a paddle; some will leap straight out but another will dig down the mud and find some gold, or not.

You cannot control what has found its own feet. But there are things you can do. You can give them as many good layers of the pie as possible that may become a resource in the later life. Provide them with light filled layers that will distinct itself even among the darkest of the darkness.

For every opportunity you find, provide yourself and the young ones with what is beautiful about the world. Allow them some room to fall over and teach them how to get up.

A functional human-being was not necessarily born so. We are all layered to be. And we can always create depth with more light filled stories.

Healing the one and the whole

Healing is not just about sending prayers and kind thoughtful thoughts, spreading message of hope and possibility.

But it sometimes requires the use of splint and plaster to support and secure;

providing education for more balanced diet and building a stronger immune system.

Or operate tumours out of the body.

And if the toxins enter lymph or blood stream, I guess we go back to the basic and start praying again.

I think that social justice is not unlike our individual physical wellbeing.

We can speak mindfully, and learn to respect: mindfully observe one another.

But it also requires regulation and the enforcement: the ability to guide the lost, invite conversation, and eliminate corrupted cells from spreading.

Cell biologists report that unhealthy cells begin to grow towards health the minute they are placed in a more suitable environment.

I think this is true with society as well;

The minute the mood and the mindset improves,

The minute you realise that you are not the patronised minority,

or the hated power on solo,

We begin to function in a more useful direction.

This has not fixed anything and each of us will still roll in all sort of directions.

But you can always expect a rational and reasonable conversation with a dignified individual.

You will likely hear some straight response, even in a disagreement.

Dignity is comfortable with dignified another,

And we are coherent;

may be just somewhat,

but we know that we all have a place of our own and will probably no longer invade.

What is your view?