Outside tees

I put 2 little Oak trees outside today. They have spent some time in sun in the last few weeks, short time at a time, to become climatized to the outside environment. Spring is here, and I think they can live outside now, just not in the full sun. I have 19 more pots of... Continue Reading →

I have a feeling that those whom wanting to save the world is indeed doing more damage  to our world than they ever directly intended. Because, the world would have to be broken before it could be amended. There is a line in the book of The Alchemist which says "When you want something, the whole... Continue Reading →

So, the art teacher. You would think that a private school, where schools fees consisted of $30,000+ a year, would have an art teacher who is dressed like million dollars and painted pictures that should be shown at the national museum, don't you? Our art teacher was different. He wore anything, because he knew that... Continue Reading →


I have a "difficult horse" in my hands, whom I recently took up as my own charge. At 10 years old, he was previously labeled as 'crazy,' by whom could not figure him out about 1 year ago. I started taking care of the horse because nobody else wanted to. He came right for a... Continue Reading →

Magic and Joy.

Magic of living after feudal system is this. That we are living alongside our kings and queens that we once served before, that they walk on the same ground as we do, dirtying their hands and feet, appreciating having hot water on a cold night, and that they need to eat and drink to sustain... Continue Reading →

Thank you Netherland and India!

Netherlands & India Commit To 100% Electric Vehicles In Groundbreaking Announcements. How will the electricity be produced, might be a good question to come... but this is definitely a move in a good direction. Source of information: http://www.ecosnippets.com/alternative-energy/netherlands-india-electric-vehicles/

I do not know from wheres it comes

"Tao is an empty vessel; it is used, but never filled. Oh unfathomable source of ten thousand things! Blunt the sharpness, Untangle the knot, Soften the glare, Merge with dust. Oh hidden deep, but never present! I do not know from wheres it comes, It is the forefather of the ancestors. – Tao Te Ching... Continue Reading →

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