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Below are the links to the original articles that has been gathered over a period of time about sleep, stress, and meditation. The list will understandably expand overtime, so please feel free to visit this page again to look for more new information.


Get Great Sleep  Click here

Myth of 8 hours sleep  Click here 

REM, Dream, And Brain waves explained: What happens in the brain when we sleep?  Click here

How much can an extra hours sleep change you?  Click here

5 things that stop a good nights sleep   Click here

Tired and edgy? Sleep deprivation boosts anticipatory anxiety   Click here 

Kiwi, super food for sleep? Click here

The five best houseplants that help you sleep better   Click here

Cell phones are wreaking biological havoc on people’s sleeping patterns.  Click here

5 ways sleeping naked can benefit you  Click here

3 keys to a better nights sleep / your heart is a key to better night sleep  Click here

Let the body rest for the sake of the brain   Click here

10 of the best Yoga poses for sleep  Click here

Your heart is the key to better night sleep. 3 tips. Click here

DIY magic sleepy dust  Click here

7 Natural cures for Insomnia  Click here

4-7-8 technique to fall asleep  Click here


How stressed are you? Click here

Should people accept that pressure is a fact of life?  Click here

Is stress good for you? Click here

Is it a good idea to measure stress?  Click here

22 power actions effective people use in times of stress Click here


15 meditation Myths you should stop believing  Click here

40 darn good reasons why everyone should meditate  Click here

How to be mindful in the real world   Click here

Recording: Tibetan Heart Sutra chanted by Dalai Lama   Click here

Tree hugging, meditation with a tree, and singing tree.  Click Here

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