Mindful eating



I am all for simple, easy meals. One pan meals, bulk cooking ahead; anything that which prepare a tasty food with the least amount of energy is welcome! Here are a few things I go by.

Keeping it vegetarian/ vegan.

I like animals. I have friends whom keeps me in the loop of their activism against commercial farming and all things relating to animal welfare that requires some urgent improvements; for the animals, and for our own sanity as well! As well as being encouraged to exclude animal products from my diet, I find that my body does not require eating animal products to sustain, and I am beginning to enjoy the variety those “alternative” food bring to my life.

Cooking like an Italian mama.

I like the expression, “dishing it up like an Italian mama.”  It means that you use the best you can find at the time and cook it with a lot of love.

Chinese man’s wisdom.

A lesson learned from a Chinese cook. In respect of Chi/ Qi of the food we consume, it matters that we are using the heat correctly when we cook. He told me how we must heat the pan properly to invite the fire energy in the pan, and only then start putting food in the pan. This is one way we can add the fire element into our life, and it must not be neglected.

Keeping sustainability in mind.

We can contribute to our future by keeping in mind the amount of waste we produce when preparing your daily meals. It is important to be mindful of what we discard, especially those single-use-plastic. Recycling is better than throwing everything into the landfill. I buy from bulk food shops and facilities whenever I can, and I prefer local market over a supermarket where there is an option.

Keeping it simple.

Apart from those very basic rules, like washing the vegetables before cooking and not to reheat food more than twice, I like to keep things simple. We follow enough rules out there, and I would like to allow a bit of creativity in the kitchen. I keep the plate colourful because it’s fun, not because I must.

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