What is Reiki (3) – common image

This is Reiki information series number 3. In this blog post, I would like to write about some of the common images around the practice of Reiki that are not necessarily accurate or correct. When you hear the word Reiki, what comes to the mind of a lot of people is that it is a hands... Continue Reading →

Feminism into and 2016 and future

Once upon a time, there was an era when feminism was about women gaining their right to speak different opinions to her husband. Some countries are still working on that. Then, there was feminism where women seek their right to join work force, just like any men, to receive payment in return of their service.... Continue Reading →

Human mind is a layers pie

Subconscious mind of human is like a layered pie. I am convinced that it is not like an iceberg in icy water. It is not even an inflatable ball in a tropical water. I do not believe that it is submerged under anything. Subconscious mind is like a layered pie, and this is the one... Continue Reading →

Healing the one and the whole

Healing is not just about sending prayers and kind thoughtful thoughts, spreading message of hope and possibility. But it sometimes requires the use of splint and plaster to support and secure; providing education for more balanced diet and building a stronger immune system. Or operate tumours out of the body. And if the toxins enter... Continue Reading →

Stand with your values

Stand with your values Not with beliefs Not with the outcomes A belief can be challenged An outcome is only temporary But your values are your ground That is the path that takes you forward And the values, when you are really honest about it Never leaves you astray Your values correspond with the Universe;... Continue Reading →

Sustainable forgiveness

  I have long had a problem with the word forgiveness and the common concept around it. I don’t like how it tells you to let go, that is how it is, and you are supposed to surrender to the flow of life. I really think that if you just keep surrendering each time something... Continue Reading →

Forgiveness once again.

Forgivenes it is. Corresponding post here. May be I just don't agree with the general idea of 'forgiveness' that is out there. Or may be I am such a know it all, and I just think that I can describe it better....whatever message I am trying to convey. Some say that forgiveness is about letting go.... Continue Reading →

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