Castle in the sky – Hayao Miyazaki


 I know why this civilisation came to an end.

There is a song in my village that I now know was teaching this wisdom.

“Set down the root and live in harmony with the breeze.

Let us endure the Winter like the seeds in the frozen land,

and sing in rejoice with the birds in come Spring.”

You cannot justify for the king to sustain when the whole kingdom has perished. No matter how powerful the weapon you built, no matter how many robots you enslaved, you cannot live without having the roots in the ground.

( Hayao Miyazaki – Castle in the Sky)

Blessings of life

It was home time at school.

As child, we used to gather local children and walked to primary school in groups in the morning. On the way home, we travelled in smaller groups; basically whomever available to tag together, making sure that no body was left behind. We learned to look out for one another like that from such young age, just as a part of everyday life.

I was about to leave the school building with two other children that afternoon, both boys from the same grade. We got on well and we often walked together and played together.

So we were changing into outside shoes from what we wore inside through the day while at school. We each had a shoe locker, and I bent over to tend to my shoes when….I saw the boys run past behind me fast and one of them swooped my hat away from my head….the beginning of another scramble.

I was never a champion but I could run fast if I was chasing somebody. So off I went, screaming and shouting all I wanted like any other time. But then I had two boys who knew me well running ahead of me and split left and right, and I seriously did not know which one to chase.

Just on the corner of my eyes,  I could see somebody come out of the teachers room. Sh#t, I thought. I bet they saw me doing something completely un-ladylike. I turned my head to see who the moving figure was and swallowed.

It was the headmaster.

I straightened my back immediately, but it was too late. I saw the man reach for something with one hand and wave me over with another. I decided it was a smart idea to surrender, so I approached, trying to look as innocent as possible.

The headmaster looked at me. And before I could open my mouth to say anything, he waved me over again to approach closer. The headmaster could not possible hit me, I thought. But will he?

Of course he did not hit me. But he did something that would remain for the rest of my life.

He was on one knee, tying his shoelaces, and from this eye hight looked straight into my eyes. And he said, “You are going to be something quite remarkable. I know it.” I was dumb struck. He was supposed to tell me off. I was sure of it. And before I could open my mouth, or remotely recover from the shock, he told me to go home.

I remember saying “good bye schoolmaster” like a well mannered child. And I walked towards my friends who handed my hat back immediately. They thought I was in trouble too.  They thought they behaved like cowards, for not coming after me to receive the punishment together. They asked me. “What did he tell you?”

I looked at my friends and said. “The headmaster told me that I am lucky to have good friends.”

“Is that all?,” my friends asked.  I said yes, and we walked home just like any other day.

Many years later.

I went through my life’s ups and downs like everybody else who lived. And I remember. Even though I don’t always refer to the headmaster, I am affirmed that I would get through whatever the difficulties comes along. Because I know that one day, I am going to be something quite remarkable. I just haven’t got there yet.

It reminds me how, such small moment of blessings could change a child’s outlook for the rest of her life. What a blessing it was.

What is Reiki (5) – certification etc.

This is Reiki information series number 5.

In this blog post, I would like to write about certificates Reiki practitioners obtain as we expand our studies.

In the practicing the Usui system of Reiki, we have 3 stages of learning. Those are level 1,2,3; also known as shoden, okuden, and shinpiden. Level 3 or shinpiden is what is regarded as a master level. And so you become a Reiki master, as far as the certificate is concerned at this stage of your learning. However, for people who I share the similar philosophies, we tend to refrain from calling ourselves the ‘masters, whenever possible. I will try to explain this briefly.

For those who has a better understanding in Japanese culture and a level of understanding in mindfulness practice based on Eastern philosophies, calling the self ‘master’ is rather a shameful thing. The question here might be, “who are you to call yourself the master?”

Japanese culture, in short, is where you may train 7 years to become a sushi chef, for an example. And a decent chef is still not likely call the self the master. Humility might be the word to describe this. And to me, this has also something to do with a different understanding of the word mindfulness; that the more you learn, the more you become aware that you still have a lot to learn. More bluntly put, if you think you knew everything, then there is probably nothing we have to learn from you. And therefore it is simply not possible for a good practitioner of any level to address the self as the master or the expert.

Wise words of Lao Tzu teaches that “Those that speak do not know. Those that know do not speak.” And I think that there is something we can all learn from this.

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Human beings

Human beings  see their own oppression vividly when they are the victims. Otherwise they victimise blindly and without thought. – Isaac Bashevis Singer

Spirituality teaches that we are not so separate from one another.

If only, many of us could face this,

we might just stop doing what you don’t want to experience to the others.

It’s seems simple.

And why is it such a labour to get this right?

Peace - dandelion.jpeg

What is Reiki (4) – its own intelligence

This is Reiki information series number 4.

In this blog post, I would like to write how Reiki being its own intelligence.

I agree with the notion that Reiki, the “Universal Life Force energy“ has its own intelligence and that is will reach where it is required most.

And then I disagree with those ideas that “so it must be ok to let Reiki be at wok, while practitioner gossip with the client over a treatment table.” I despise that. Personally, I also disagree with those ideas to talk to the clients in hypnotic manner through Reiki sessions.

It is my opinion reiki would reach much further than any clever wordings of a human. And I simply prefer to stay out of the way for Reiki to reach each client in the best way possible, and for the receiver to receive this in their own ways.

There is a teaching in Tao which reads; the world is ruled by letting things take their course. It cannot be ruled by interfering.

As my teachers might say, “have no agenda through your healing practice”. And I believe that Reiki is far more aware than our little human mind could ever comprehend.

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