Reiki: my practice and learning

I practice Reiki with an understanding in both Japanese and Western Reiki lineages. I begun my Reiki study in Australia, and I continue my study with two Reiki masters. I am available to see animals and humankind. I dedicate some time every Sunday to offer distance healing/absent healing to those on our healing list.

I was not interested in Reiki back in Japan. I did not particularly care for ‘spiritual disciplines’ nor meditation. “What is that?” I thought, and the rest of the excuses followed. “I am too young for that sort of things,” and that typical misunderstanding, “I am an active person and I don’t do those ‘sit down and close my eyes’ things.”

But I was wrong about spiritual disciplines. It was not something I had to brace myself and uphold. The whole environment and Japanese culture where I grew up were immersed in spiritual practices; appreciation of small things, taking care of your belongings, making sure that no one gets left behind, and to appreciate those invisible qualities in another- whether it was a person or a thing. It was not a separate entity we called ‘the spirituality’ but only a part of our life, and we lived a life with such awareness.

In my kindergarten- pre school years, I learned meditation; only that I did not recognise those as a form of meditation. Prayers were only another part of everyday life, so much so that I did not register those as a discipline. In my school days, we were taught to acknowledge one another as persons you look out for. Moral and ethics were spoken through stories and classroom learnings. From my high school days, I engaged in martial arts; which were handed to us as a form of self-discipline, not as an act of violence. As a stunt actor, I trained in such way that I became quite aware of my physical body and its limitations; as well as a fascinating connection between determination / focused intension and an outcome of my effort. Through stunt training and horsemanship, I learned to observe the world in a different way. Both stunt action and horses taught me to be humble; because each time I felt good about myself, something would happen and reminded me that I still had so much more to learn before I could be great. I learned that life was not about me. I was a part of something greater.

When I became interested in ‘the spirituality’, I was already in Australia. I read and listened to different materials and people. I first became interested in the charisma of those whom presented themselves as the ‘gurus’ until I realised those were often a result of clever marketing. I looked into some rituals, some interested me more than another. But doing rituals does not make you more aware and I saw through that reasonably soon. I only came across Reiki by chance. And I was fortunate enough to meet the teachers who taught me this right from the beginning, that Reiki isn’t for sale, that it is a spiritual discipline you practice; that ‘Reiki certificate does not make you a saint’.

It required sometime before I realised that I have long practiced spiritual disciplines at a much deeper level than those commercial ‘spirituality’ preached. So came the frustration that spiritual disciplines are being marketed as commercial products. And so the purpose of sharing my Reiki practice here is to say the words; spirituality is not for sale; that Reiki isn’t about selling certifications; that Reiki practitioners are not miracle workers. According to the certificates, I am a master practitioner in both Japanese and Western lineage of Reiki. But I am a student, and I always will be. I contribute this space to log my learnings online, and if these come to be useful for any fellow students, I would be most humbled.

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Maiko Natsukawa