This thing we call success:

If Donald Trump won the election in 2016, can you say that was a success? If Hilary Clinton won the election while having FBI on her tail, could you call that a success? Whatever the reason why a person wants to manifest something and we watch somebody else 'achieve' their big dream; be it the... Continue Reading →

Stand with your values

Stand with your values Not with beliefs Not with the outcomes A belief can be challenged An outcome is only temporary But your values are your ground That is the path that takes you forward And the values, when you are really honest about it Never leaves you astray Your values correspond with the Universe;... Continue Reading →


Many of us think that gender equality is about empowering women. I agree that it may be a part of it, and I agree that women are currently ranked lower than men on many levels. But I personally believe it is not only about lifting women. I believe that gender equality will give men freedom... Continue Reading →

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