Spirituality donut

Anyone up for a donut? It is called spirituality donut, involving "acceptance", "forgiveness", and "surrendering." Here we go. We surrender to the flow, but we should not surrender to the wrong. We accept how it is but not accept injustice. We forgive but not surrender to how it is, (did Gandhi say this about forgiveness... Continue Reading →

This thing we call success:

If Donald Trump won the election in 2016, can you say that was a success? If Hilary Clinton won the election while having FBI on her tail, could you call that a success? Whatever the reason why a person wants to manifest something and we watch somebody else 'achieve' their big dream; be it the... Continue Reading →

Sustainable forgiveness

  I have long had a problem with the word forgiveness and the common concept around it. I don’t like how it tells you to let go, that is how it is, and you are supposed to surrender to the flow of life. I really think that if you just keep surrendering each time something... Continue Reading →

Forgiveness once again.

Forgivenes it is. Corresponding post here. May be I just don't agree with the general idea of 'forgiveness' that is out there. Or may be I am such a know it all, and I just think that I can describe it better....whatever message I am trying to convey. Some say that forgiveness is about letting go.... Continue Reading →

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