Congratulations and thank you, Ireland!

"Ireland passes law to become world's first country to fully divest from fossil fuels- Bill will drop coal, oil and gas investments from Ireland Strategic Investment Fund" "In 2015, Norway’s sovereign pension fund divested from some fossil fuel companies, but not all." For the original article:

Australia – what once was

It seems that around the globe, people are calling to make their country how it once were - 'great'. As for Australia, this statement is immediately questionable: which Australia are we talking about - the one under the 'colonisation' of European settlement, or the continent 250 years ago with indigenous people living their civilised nomadic... Continue Reading →

It is NOT an ‘illusion”- abuse

Forget those "perception" thing that is going around, fully entitled. It is wrong. If you injure another, the injury is real. Perception merely refer to whether the injury was received as the deadly damage or something the victim could finally recover from. If you stubbed another, you stubbed a person; whether the person lived or... Continue Reading →

What is law?

According to the ancient Hawaiian philosophy, which I read a long time ago, they had a rule which said, "you can do anything you want to do as long as you don't hurt another." Simple and brilliant. Yet I had to think how it could be possible that I wouldn't hurt another, because we all... Continue Reading →

Healing the one and the whole

Healing is not just about sending prayers and kind thoughtful thoughts, spreading message of hope and possibility. But it sometimes requires the use of splint and plaster to support and secure; providing education for more balanced diet and building a stronger immune system. Or operate tumours out of the body. And if the toxins enter... Continue Reading →

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