Prayer for 2017

We ask that life be kind And watch us from above We hope each soul will find another soul to love Let this be our prayer - The Prayer ( David Foster, Carole Bayer, Sager, Alberto Testa, Tony Renis) Happy New Year everyone!

Spring is near

Spring is near. I wish I could have captured the fragrance and send this to you as well. It was Devine. Bees were hard at work. It was a lovely day today.

This thing we call success:

If Donald Trump won the election in 2016, can you say that was a success? If Hilary Clinton won the election while having FBI on her tail, could you call that a success? Whatever the reason why a person wants to manifest something and we watch somebody else 'achieve' their big dream; be it the... Continue Reading →

Sustainable forgiveness

  I have long had a problem with the word forgiveness and the common concept around it. I don’t like how it tells you to let go, that is how it is, and you are supposed to surrender to the flow of life. I really think that if you just keep surrendering each time something... Continue Reading →

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