Something peaceful is happening in the US

First, a police officer approached a “Free Hug” guy in the middle of a riot. And the image went viral on the Internet.

Then, the city of Charlotte made the police officer ( officer Frunzi), Officer of the month.

And then, the Free hug guy ( Ken E Nwadike Jr) flew back to meet the Police officer.  See the article below.

Then the communication on Facebook followed.


I will be following these two remarkable people. I want to keep up with what they might make happen as two “brothers.”


For those who wishes to see their initial encounter during the Charlotte Riot in September 2016, refer to the video below.

Admiral McRaven

I am one who dreams of a world that is ruled by love and peace. I wish uniforms like this will one day be considered a thing for the show. I wish men like this were not sent to war zones.

But I find the man magnificent in this speech. I found Admiral McRavens’s words inspirational.


Start each day with a task completed. Find someone to help you though life. Respect everyone. Know that life is not fair and you will feel often.

But if you take some risks; step up on the times through toughest; facedown the bullies; lift up the down trod; and never, ever, give up – If you do these things, the next generation and the generation that follow will live in a world far better than the one we have today.

And what started here indeed have changed the world for the better.

Admiral McRaven